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Bus auto parts brake pads

High Quality Accessories Bus auto parts brake pads

High Quality Accessories Bus auto parts brake pads provides the power needed to run a variety of tools and equipment. These compressors are used in construction, street repair, refineries, and demolition. The 2020 new technological High Quality Accessories Bus auto parts brake pads

  • Accessories:Shims + Sensors + Cliper +other Accessories
  • Features:High Temperature Resistance
  • Package Color:Box+export Carton+pallet
  • Friction coefficient:0.38-0.42
  • Color:Customer Request

best brake pads ceramic brake pad for mazda 3

best brake pads ceramic brake pad for mazda 3,Model:
RX-7 II (FC), 6 Saloon (GH), 626 IV (GE), 323 S IV (BG),OE NO.:
GEYP-33-23Z, FB06-49-280, GEYC-26-43ZA, B4Y6-33-23Z,$7.99,50 – 1999 Sets
$7.05>=10000 Sets

  • Friction coefficient:0.38-0.42
  • Delivery time:30-45 Days
  • Package:Color Box+export Carton+pallet
  • Certification:TS16949 R90 E-mark AMECA
  • Friction coefficient level:FF, FG, GG

automotive automobiles parts rear brake pad for bmw ece r90

automotive automobiles parts rear brake pad for bmw ece r90,Accessories:
Shims + Sensors + Cliper +other Accessories,Features:
High Temperature Resistance,$2.82 – $8.60/ Set|50 Set/Sets(Min. Order)

  • Year:2011-2016
  • Year:2011-2016OE NO.:OEM Car Fitment:bmw
  • Warranty:30000-50000KMs
  • Certification:TS16949 R90 E-mark AMECA

best brake pad back brake pads for BMW f10

best brake pad back brake pads for BMW f10,Supply Ability
5000000 Set/Sets per Month best brake pad back brake pads for BMW f10,Package:
Color Box+export Carton+pallet,$2.82 – $8.60/ Set|50 Set/Sets(Min. Order)

  • Car Model:FOR BMW
  • Friction coefficient level:FF, FG, GG
  • Year:2011-2016
  • Package:Color Box+export Carton+pallet

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The Complete Buying Guide: Brake Pads Manufacturer

The braking system is your first line of safety when driving. You can always count on your brakes to bring your car to a halt whenever you want to slow down or stop. However, that may not always be the case. Braking is only possible if you have functional brake pads

How do you know the best brake pads for your vehicle? Selecting brake pads can be a bit overwhelming. With your safety at stake, you have to get the decision right all the time. In this brake pads guide, you will learn everything you should know about brake pads. Here is an overview of what to expect:

  • What are brake pads?
  • Types of brake pads 
  • Factors to consider when shopping for brake pads 
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about brake pads

Read on to learn more. 

brake pads manufacturer

What Are Brake Pads?

Brake pads are one of the key components of any car. They form part of the braking system and are essential in bringing your vehicle to a halt. Every time you step on the brake pedal, the force is transmitted through the hydraulic brake fluid to the brake pads. The brake pads cling on the brake rotors to slow down wheel movement and stop the car.

Brake pads and brake rotors work hand in hand in stopping your vehicle. The friction between these two components is crucial in slowing down or bringing your car to a complete halt. 

Types of Brake Pads

There are two major types of braking systems; rim brakes and disc brakes.

A braking system with rims brakes applies rims as the braking surface. Brake pads are usually mounted closer to the rims. When you apply pressure on the brake pedal, the pads press against the rim to slow down your car.

On the other hand, disc brakes have a circular metal disc as the braking system. The same principle is applied here. However, the brake pads squeeze against the disc instead of a rim.

The most common types of brake pads include:

  • Organic brake pads
  • Semi-metallic brake pads 
  • Ceramic brake pads 

Organic brake pads 

Organic brake pads are soft. Organic brake pads are quick to wear and tear and produce the most amount of brake dust. They are mainly found on small cars. 

Semi-metallic brake pads

Semi-metallic brake pads are the most common type of brake pads in the market. They are mainly used in performance cars since they are heat resistant. However, semi-metallic brake pads may not function well in low temperatures.

Ceramic brake pads 

Ceramic brake pads are high-performance brake pads. This aspect makes them the most expensive sets in the market. 

brake pads buying guide

Factors to consider when shopping for brake pads 

There are many factors to keep in mind if you want to buy brake pads. From your driving style and type of car to the cost and technology, here are some aspects to consider. 

Type of your car 

The kind of car you drive will help you determine the right brake pads to buy. For instance, ceramic brake pads are most suitable for performance cars. Accordingly, semi-metallic brake pads are suitable for heavy vehicles due to their stopping power. You should know that truck brake pads are different from car brake pads. 


Where do you drive most? The kind of environment you subject your car to is crucial in deciding the type of brake pads for you. Do you drive in the mountains?  What about the weather conditions? 

Driving style

How often do you step on the brake pedal? If you are a speed enthusiast, you should go for brake pads with the best stopping power.


Brake pads produce some noise when squeezing rotors. Your choice of brake pads should depend on your tolerance to noise. Metallic and semi-metallic brake pads make the most noise. 


Are you looking for the most advanced brake pad technology? This aspect will help you decide between OEM brake pads and OE brake pads. 


Brake pad cost varies depending on various aspects. As suggested, ceramic brake pads are the most expensive sets. Work with your budget to know the brake pad price range you can afford. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about brake pads 

Do you have questions about brake pads? One of the best ways to know more about these crucial components is by getting your questions answered. Here are some of the most common brake pad questions and answers. 

How long do brake pads last?

Brake pad replacement is something that happens on a car-by-car basis. Your owner’s manual should guide you through this aspect because no one answer fits all here. Additionally, you can rely on your mechanic to schedule routine maintenance that includes brake pad replacement whenever necessary.

Your mechanic should tell you when your brake pads need changing. Alternatively, lookout for signs of brake pad wear.

What are the signs that my brake pads are worn out?

One of the best ways to know when to replace your brake pads is by looking out for these signs. Whenever you notice one of the following signs, know that you need new brake pads and rotors immediately.

  • Screeching noise when braking
  • Your brakes take a long period to stop the car
  • A lot of dust when braking
  • Grinding sounds when driving

Never ignore any of these signs. Additionally, modern cars may have indicator lights that show you when your braking system is not functioning as it should. 

how to change brake pads

How much are new brake pads?

Brake pads come in a wide range of prices. Brake pads and rotors’ costs may vary depending on the brand and type. To be sure, you need to consult with your mechanic or dealer. Always consider brake pads change before they are fully worn out to avoid inflating your bills. 

Do you know how to change brake pads?  If you can do it yourself, you will pay less for new brake pad replacements. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to your safety on the road, brake pads play a very significant role. That is why you should always insist on getting the best brake pads on the market. This brake pads buying guide should help you get started.


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